30 Days 30 Hacks

30 Days 30 Hacks

Worry Scheduling Technique

Do you worry a lot? And then feel guilty that a lot of time has gone by and you have not been able to focus? Well, here is a hack to bring your focus back to work. Schedule a time for worrying, for an hour everyday. So now your brain knows that you have a specific time to worry, so everytime your thought wanders from work, your brain knows there is scheduled time for it and it will let you focus on your work. Try it!

Pomodoro Technique

Pomodoro Technique for Productivity: How to be productive when there is a huge task in front of us? Let us try the pomodoro Technique. Step 1: Set an alarm for 25 Minutes. Step 2: Do the task until the alarm goes off. Step 3: Take 5 minutes break. Repeat the cycle 4 times over a period of 2 hours. Then take a longer break of 15-30 minutes. Using this technique tells our brain that there is a scheduled break after intervals and it can then focus for those 25 minutes.

20 Seconds Rule to make or break a Habit

There is a trigger for everything we do every instant. Trigger to check social media for that instant dopamine spike, trigger for sugary food or binge eating. Feel helpless? Well, here is an easy hack to replace unhealthy habits with healthy ones. Every trigger lasts for about 20 seconds. So to overcome an unhealthy habit, make it difficult to take the action within 20 seconds. For example, don’t want to binge watch TV? keep the remote locked in a drawer in another room where it would take you more than 20 seconds to fetch the remote. Want to go to gym every morning? Keep the gym bag ready the night before so it takes less than 20 seconds in the morning to pick it up and leave.

5 steps to Decluttering your Mind

5 Steps to Decluttering your Mind. Step 1: Take 5 deep breaths with your eyes closed (This will take you to a relaxed state of mind). Step 2: Write down all the thoughts that is coming to your mind in this state in bullet points (this will reduce the number of thoughts that the mind needs to process at a time). Step 3: Strike off all the points that you cannot do anything about, like economy is going bad, people are mean etc. (This will eliminate the unnecessary thoughts from your mind). Step 4: Write down the points still left on a fresh piece of paper so you can act upon it (You now have a list of action points that needs your attention). Step 5: Tear off the previous paper where all the thoughts were initially written (This will permanently release the energy required to process too many thoughts and declutter your mind)

Double up tasks to manage Personal Development

We know that everyday learning is important for our personal development, but somehow we are never able to find time in the midst of all managing career, health, finances, family etc. I used these easy hacks to read 45+ books, 15+ Audiobooks, 8+ courses in last one year that helped me grow personally and professionally. I used my time for other activities which needed less cognitive energy to process that task double up with my learning time. Read 5 pages everyday while having morning tea, listen to audiobooks while working out and taking video courses while taking a bath. Small actions everyday, but doing it consistently has proved invaluable to me in the longer run. Try it!

Easy hack to track water intake

Our body is made upto 60% of water. Our brain is composed of 75% Water. Water is a very important element in the cognitive functioning of our brain and body. 90% of Indian population is dehydrated. I have been able to use an easy hack to drink 3 litres water everyday for the last one year. I draw 4 vertical lines in 3 groups everyday along with my to-do list. Keep a large mug and water bottle beside my working desk. After drinking each mug, i tick off one line. This brings awareness to how much i have drank since morning and how much is left till the end of day. This has kept me consistent and it will keep you too. Try it

Eliminate Decision Making Fatigue

We make around 35000 decisions everyday. Every decision making, whether small or big, needs energy. Many times we lose this energy on taking decisions for insignificant and trivial tasks, which reduces our capacity to take important decisions for growth, whether its in business, career, relationships or healthy choices. For example – What shall I wear to office today or what to eat, what to cook, sometimes takes up 15-20 minutes of our prime time and energy, but does not add much value to our growth. But what to wear and what to eat still remains a big question. So the hack is, to take this decision once in a week and plan ahead which day you will wear what and keep it in order. Similarly for food, keep a chart ready. So every morning you wont need to take these decisions and it will help you keep your energy intact for more important decisions to be taken during the day.
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